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Dead Static Drive

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Entering Crow's Demise

Here are the first public shots of Dead Static Drive. It’s basically Grand Theft Cthulhu.

I’ll be posting more work here, on Polycount and on twitter.


Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Zitstorm for iPhone is now available on the App store!

Visit Zitstorm on the App store or on Facebook.

Outsider Mutator

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

I’ve gotten a few requests recently to put the links back up for my Outsider mutator for UT2K4.  It’s a really simple third-person mode that looks a little like Gears of War, but doesn’t slow the gameplay down.

The old links still work, but in case you’ve lost them, here it is.  It’s great to see that people are still getting a kick out of 2K4.

Click here to download Outsider