Procedural Pixel Environment

Procedural texturing is amazing fun. Grab Filter Forge some time and have a go.

Recently I’ve been trying to make some simple, convincing procedural pixel art. Here are a few of the latest ones.

Here are the raw textures (click to view full).

This is what the textures look like when applied to a 3d scene (click to view full):

Each texture has 16 colours and was procedurally downsampled from a higher colour, procedurally generated bitmap. If you grab Filter Forge, you can try editing the following Filter Forge filter and try your hand at it: Procedural Pixel Levels

Hope you get something out of this 🙂

2 Responses to “Procedural Pixel Environment”

  1. Peris says:

    This is fantastic =)!

  2. Masakari says:

    This looks amazing, and has great potential. I’m gonna try to experiment with it.

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