Andre’s Large Cranial Ember

Here’s my first texture replacement pack for Dark Souls: Andre’s Large Cranial Ember. It just replaces the diffuse/spec/normals for character heads, and the diffuse for hollow heads and bodies.

Update: Andre’s Cranial pack 2! This version has significantly nicer normal textures, and the diffuse textures have been reworked. It also contains new, higher definition eye textures.

Latest: Andre’s Cranial pack 3! Now, with separate textures for men and women, and greatly improved diffuse textures. It’s now much more subtle and realistic than the previous versions.

Andre’s Cranial Pack 4! Now with much nicer, more well-developed textures, and significantly sexier eyes!

To install:

I’ve also uploaded the base meshes I used for sculpting the textures. If you want to have a go, grab the head pack from here. It contains two .OBJ models – one has front-facing UVs and the other has side-view UVs. Dark Souls uses two UV sets for heads, and your normal and specular maps need to be baked both front-facing and side-view.

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