Outsider Mutator

I’ve gotten a few requests recently to put the links back up for my Outsider mutator for UT2K4.  It’s a really simple third-person mode that looks a little like Gears of War, but doesn’t slow the gameplay down.

The old links still work, but in case you’ve lost them, here it is.  It’s great to see that people are still getting a kick out of 2K4.

Click here to download Outsider

10 Responses to “Outsider Mutator”

  1. Kent says:

    I love this mutator. Thank you for making it.

  2. Best third person mutator, I just love it. Thank you so much, Mike!
    (I strongly suggest you guys use this mutator with the GoW player models):

  3. Rodrigo says:

    Man, this is simply AMAZING!!! I really liked to play UT2k4 again, but this time “GoW style”! NICE WORK!!!

  4. CMGuy says:

    This is awesome, and i like using this with Ballistic Weapons, only problem is, its not fully compatible, but i already tweaked the code to make it compatible with Ballistic Weapons.

    in that case, i am asking to see if i can release this version of ur neat little mutator to the BW community, it would be thankful if u permit it…

  5. CMGuy says:

    BTW were looking for more peeps with our community projects of this great mod, so if u want to lend a hand that would be awesome, but its not entirely needed…

  6. Sure thing, CMGuy, feel free to share your BW-compatible version. Ballistic Weapons is a brilliant mod, good taste 🙂

  7. SheldonCooper says:

    Great mutator! But i have a question; When I fire, camera automatically zooms in. Is there a way to disable that “auto zoom”? Thanks.

  8. Thanks! From memory I didn’t put that feature in, so it would probably take a source code change.

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