I have been working in the games industry since 2007. Before that I was an active modder and indie game developer, making a number of award-winning mods for Unreal Tournament 2004 and role-playing adventure games.

Starting with C++, I have moved on from a dedicated coder to a technical artist. I love making game models and working in the engine to get them looking just right. I have extensive experience developing lighting, shader systems and special effects for games, and I still fall back on my programming whenever I feel the itch.

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  1. Richard Chargin says:

    Hello Mike, pardon my troubling you, but…

    I was reading one of your replies to a question in a thread about an alpha sorting issue in Max, using something you called “punchthrough”.

    I am a long-time max modeler that is in need of help with a similar problem, and I was hoping you could offer some advice.

    Here is what my model looks like in max(2009), in the viewport:

    And here’s what it looks like after rendering it:

    As you can see, it renders fine, but I would like to see it somewhat like the rendered version IN the viewport.
    It doesnt have to be pretty, or even “sort” correctly…i just want to remove the frikkin black parts of the alpha channel.

    To let you know, Im using 32bit .tgas for the diff and opacity textures.

    Your suggestion of “punchthrough” is very intriguing to me, however I know very little about scripting, or how to implement this idea.

    Can you possibly help me out? I will gladly donate some $ to you in Paypal for your troubles, if you could solve this (long-time) annoyance I’ve had with max.

    Any help or advice would be Greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for reading this, if you did. : -)

    Rich Chargin
    Santa Cruz, Ca.


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